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Assorted Teja & Chocoteja Confections: 12-Pack, 12oz | 45% Cacao, Gluten-Free

Assorted Teja & Chocoteja Confections: 12-Pack, 12oz | 45% Cacao, Gluten-Free

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Experience Helena's Assorted Teja and Chocoteja Confections, a sumptuous 12-unit pack totaling 12oz.
Crafted with 45% pure cacao and gluten-free ingredients, Helena's chocolates redefine indulgence.
Elevate your taste with these unique flavors and the exquisite richness of Helena's renowned chocolates
Assorted Chocolate and Fondant Caramel 12u FLAT
12 units total -  12 oz
Helena Chocolatier made with Love from Peru for USA
45% Pure Cacao and Gluten Free 
Our gluten-free cacao maintains Helena Chocolatier's premium quality and rich taste, ensuring everyone can enjoy our luxurious chocolates without worry. It's a testament to our dedication to providing exceptional treats that cater to diverse dietary needs.
Helena Chocolatier's 45% cacao is a perfect blend of rich cocoa and subtle sweetness, creating a sophisticated yet approachable chocolate. With its velvety texture and lingering cocoa flavor, it's a delightful choice for both seasoned enthusiasts and newcomers to fine chocolate.


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The Finest Peruvian Chocolate in the USA, made with Love: Helena Chocolatier's Exquisite Family Craftsmanship ❤️🍫

At Helena Chocolatier, we take immense pride in our roots as a cherished family-owned business. For generations, our passion for crafting exquisite chocolates has been a treasured legacy passed down through the family.