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Garcia Nevett



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Helena Signature Brownie
The absolute best-seller chocolate dessert in Miami.
We hope you enjoy this chocolate brownie as much as we enjoyed perfecting the recipe. We tried different types of chocolate, oven time, amount of ingredients... The result is a satisfyingly rich browny with a moist interior and a crackly top sprinkled with just a touch of sea salt flakes. You can warm it and serve it with ice cream or maybe cold with whipped cream and berries, but we like it just as it is. Best dessert in Miami. 8 inches round. Serves 8.
Ingredients: 61% Chocolate (Cacao solids, Sugar, Cacao Butter, Soy Lecithin, Vanilla), Sugar, Eggs, Flour, Sea Salt.
For online orders, please allow three days for processing. For same day pick-up, please email or call for confirmation. 
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The Finest Peruvian Chocolate in the USA, made with Love: Helena Chocolatier's Exquisite Family Craftsmanship ❤️🍫

At Helena Chocolatier, we take immense pride in our roots as a cherished family-owned business. For generations, our passion for crafting exquisite chocolates has been a treasured legacy passed down through the family.