Elena Soler, Founder 1975


Helena was founded by an extraordinary, inspiring, and sophisticated woman who loved making chocolates for her family and enjoyed gifting them to friends. Everyone raved about her chocolates, they were said to be beyond exquisite...blissful, and out-of-this-world delicious! In 1975, after unending encouragement from everyone in her life, the artisan chocolate maker felt compelled to start Helena Chocolates.



Helena Vision:

The founder's vision was fueled by her desire to elevate the chocolate experience to an unrivaled level of quality, taste, and sophistication—while nurturing a culture of excellence, inclusiveness, and sustainability. The brand is distinguished by the experience it provides its worldly clientele. An experience born of world-renowned fair-trade cacao, wholesome ingredients, and beautifully designed packaging in harmony with the brand’s iconic elegance. Today, after almost five decades—and having achieved a cult following around the world, Helena continues to elevate the chocolate experience, consistently delivering a chocolate like no other.


Our NEW Key Biscayne Store:


Nestled within a historic, ornate building, this enchanting boutique seamlessly merges two exquisite realms: art and chocolate. Rich, velvety aromas of fine cacao embrace you as you enter, tempting your senses. Glistening truffles, hand-painted like miniature masterpieces, sit in delicate rows, each a work of edible art. Around you, the walls are adorned with a gallery of original paintings, sculptures, and prints, their colors harmonizing with the chocolate's decadence. The ambiance is a symphony of sophistication, where every creation is an invitation to savor the world's most indulgent pleasures and immerse in a sensory journey like no other.