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Lemon Teja

Lemon Teja

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Savor the legacy of Ica, Peru, with Helena's timeless Lemon Teja Confection. Crafted over a century ago, this delicacy blends candied lemon peel, creamy caramel, and velvety smooth fondant, delivering a taste that's both classic and pioneering. Celebrate tradition with our gluten-free delight, a testament to Helena's unparalleled confections mastery."

Our gluten-free cacao maintains Helena Chocolatier's premium quality and rich taste, ensuring everyone can enjoy our luxurious confections without worry. It's a testament to our dedication to providing exceptional treats that cater to diverse dietary needs.
Lemon Teja  - 1OZ
Candied lemon peel - caramel - smooth fondant.
Created over one hundred years ago in Ica - Peru, the birthplace of our business, this teja deserves special recognition for its role in blazing new and unexpected paths. One of our classics.
Helena Chocolatier made with Love from Peru for the US
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The Finest Peruvian Chocolate in the USA, made with Love: Helena Chocolatier's Exquisite Family Craftsmanship ❤️🍫

At Helena Chocolatier, we take immense pride in our roots as a cherished family-owned business. For generations, our passion for crafting exquisite chocolates has been a treasured legacy passed down through the family.