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Madame Helena Red Assorted Teja & Chocoteja: 10 Pack

Madame Helena Red Assorted Teja & Chocoteja: 10 Pack

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Experience the exquisite Madame Helena Red - a 10-unit assortment featuring Pecan, Orange, Raisin, Prune, Guava, and Lemon flavors.
Crafted with 45% pure cacao and gluten-free ingredients, this collection embodies the unparalleled artistry of Helena's chocolates.
Indulge in the unique richness of Madame Helena Red, a testament to Helena's exceptional chocolate mastery." 
10 units total - 10 oz 
Flavors: Pecan, orange, raisin, prune, guava and lemon
Helena, a chocolate like no other
45% Pure Cacao and Gluten Free 
Our gluten-free cacao maintains Helena Chocolatier's premium quality and rich taste, ensuring everyone can enjoy our luxurious chocolates without worry. It's a testament to our dedication to providing exceptional treats that cater to diverse dietary needs.
Helena Chocolatier's 45% cacao is a perfect blend of rich cocoa and subtle sweetness, creating a sophisticated yet approachable chocolate. With its velvety texture and lingering cocoa flavor, it's a delightful choice for both seasoned enthusiasts and newcomers to fine chocolate.
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The Finest Peruvian Chocolate in the USA, made with Love: Helena Chocolatier's Exquisite Family Craftsmanship ❤️🍫

At Helena Chocolatier, we take immense pride in our roots as a cherished family-owned business. For generations, our passion for crafting exquisite chocolates has been a treasured legacy passed down through the family.