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Pecan Fondant Caramel: 0.92oz | Gluten-Free Indulgence

Pecan Fondant Caramel: 0.92oz | Gluten-Free Indulgence

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Savor Helena's Pecan Fondant Caramel, a delightful fusion of roasted pecans, caramel, and smooth fondant in every 0.92oz piece.

Experience tradition and creativity blended to create life's pleasures.

Gluten-free and crafted with care, Helena's chocolates redefine indulgence, inviting you to taste the uniqueness of life's little joys."



Pecan Fondant Caramel - 0.92 OZ

Roasted pecans - caramel - smooth fondant.

A blend of tradition, creativity, and the pleasure that comes with the good things in life !

Helena, a chocolate like no other

Gluten Free 

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